4 Best Alternatives of KM Player

4 Best Alternatives of KM Player

Ask Google to let you know about the movie players. It will hold in front of you a list of players that will for sure include KM Player. You must know regarding the KM Player. It is one of the popular and highly used movies playing tools used by video freaks around the world. But in here I will be suggesting you some Alternatives of KM Player that make the movie watching experience more fun and thrilling. KM Player is no doubt the first choice of every viewer who loves to watch movies or video clips via their own devices or PC. But, whenever the question arises regarding trying out some other movie or video player, it becomes really confusing to choose that best which can match up the comfort provided by the KMP itself.

Well, nothing to worry about. I am here for you to let you know and choose between the best-recommended choices of alternatives of KMP. Simply go through the detailed information provided in brief regarding the best substitutes and have one installed in your system to enjoy great watch with great excitement. You can download MX Player, VLC player etc as an alternative of MX Player. The best part of the alternatives is that they are available as application format for the users to run them in their Androids even.

Alternatives of KM Player: the Must 4

Below I have presented for you the must best four alternatives of the KM Player that will definitely suit your need and preferences. The entire list has been chalked out keeping in mind all the available facilities that KM Player has provided you till date. You will be surprised knowing that how these listed alternatives too provided you the same and sometimes even more than what expected. Let me than begin with the brief detailing of the four best alternatives of KMP.  


  • Core Player


Core Player must be considered to be one of the best alternatives of KMP. It has been supported by platforms of desktops, phones, tablets and every device available. It no doubt has integrated great and powerful features like – ultra weight memory footprint, multiple platform support, a supporter of every digital media file format and many others to be added to the list.

It can be undoubtedly referred to as the media player of next generation. The Core Player supports the media files of thirty languages of the world. It has got a comprehensive support system for SMB browsing, Google Data, bench marking and integrated pocket or IE.


  • MX Player


MX Player has been considered as one of the oldest and challenging media player tool that still has every potentiality to remain in the battle field of media or video players  . Allowing and considering various and every file formats, the media player has consistently grabbed the attention of the movie freaks due to its unmatched features.

Among its great features, the multi core decoding and hardware acceleration are the ones that have been incorporated than when its competitors could not even imagine or think about it. It has got every common but advanced feature like – subtitle facility, zooming and controlling the playback, etc. but the greatest and most relieved feature is the kid lock facility.


  • Pot Player


Pot Player is another best alternative of KMP. Pot Player provides great performance to even low-quality prints and sound system. Therefore, with Pot Player by your side, you can enjoy every regular or high-quality video clips very comfortably.

But, one thing that makes it stand out of the list is that, Pot Player facilitates 3D version of the video clips too. It supports a wide range of codec and even sometimes you can add codec from any other sources. There are still great features waiting for you in Pot Player. Explore and have fun.


  • UM Player


UM Player or the Universal Media Player suits the action just as the name. It might appear simple by its look at the first instance. But, the availability and the stock of appreciable features make it a media player that definitely stands out of the crowd.

UM Player is a cross-platform media player that supports huge file formats. The best thing of this player is that, you can completely rely upon it in playing any damaged or corrupted media file. It also has own in-built codec system that has brought great relief for people who deals with various kind of media files.

Therefore, these four are the best and must Alternatives of KM Player you must try upon. Guaranteed, that these engrossed names won’t dissatisfy in providing their services as they are the best substitutes or alternatives of your most trusted and comfortable KM Player.

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