Cosmic Watch – Astronomical time device 

COSMIC WATCH – Astronomical time device 

Well do you love watching and learning about space, time and planets? If yes, then “COSMIC WATCH APP” is for you❗

The Cosmic Watch app can tell you what the solar system was like when you were born or set the scene for the next solar eclipse. Take control of time and see how the flowing patterns of the stars, the solar system and our planet play out in space🌎. 

Cosmic Watch is an advanced time software. It elevates the observer’s consciousness about our harmonious existence in the cosmos. Cosmic Watch is the worlds first and most advanced interactive 3D astronomical time device or software. 

This awesome app provides a vivid view of the cosmos to show how time reflects our position in the whole solar system. 

Let’s discover the fascinating relation between time and the cosmos. Enjoy this interactive learning tool and understand the concept of the celestial sphere and the apparent movement of the sky. Get even better knowledge about stars, planets, galaxies and much more concepts that relates to the astronomy. 

🔥What’s interesting in this app “COSMIC WATCH APP” 🔥

Realtime International clock ⌚
It recognizes the neighborhood time everywhere in the world with just one click. 

Time tour  🎢
We can discover any planetary positions inside the past, present and destiny. It also determines the precise time of sunrise or sunset with the horizon.

Navigation  📝
With the cosmic watch app, we can also get info about the cardinal factors and enjoy the realtime function in the cosmos. 

🎈Locate the planets in the sky🎈

Orientation  📝
With the equatorial coordinates you can alter your telescope.

We can also find out the solar gadget from a geocentric point of view.

Interactive Astral Chart  📝
To find out your ascendant and planets in retrograde has never been less difficult and extra stunning. Just use the Cosmic Watch App. 

Solar Eclipse Detector  📝
Be conscious whilst this epic moments will take place.

📎 FINALLY, COSMIC WATCH combines the ancient disciplines of astrology, astronomy and time keeping. It is an advanced time device and a symbol for our times. It elevates the observer’s consciousness about our harmonious existence in the cosmos. 

These types of educational apps are very useful and interesting, you must try this app TODAY! There are also many other similar apps but none of them are realistic. 


I hope you will find this article helpful ;). 

Enjoy this in your leisure time :);). 

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