How to hide your Wi-Fi signals

How to hide your Wi-Fi signals.

Well I consider hiding our wi-Fi signals are must, if you came to this post via YouTube Video then you will know why I consider it is must to do soo..There are many router brands available for use and I will be showing you How to hide your Wi-Fi signals for Tenda. If you are using routers other than Tenda then click on the name of your Router ( D-Link, Netgear )

  • Step 1: You need go to login page of your router by entering a default address in Search url and it is
  • Step 2: Then login to your router by entering userName and password.
  • Step 3: Here you will be shown your Internet  Connection setup and Wireless Security Setup. In  Internet Connection Setup, at the end there is an option named “Advanced” you need to click on that.
  • Step 4: When you are in Advanced you need to go in Wireless which is right beside Advanced in tabs which is on top.
    (note: wireless tab contains the information of your primary SSID, Network Mode and other information)
  • Step 5: In Wireless there will an option named 

After Hiding/Disabling your wifi signals you might be now wondering how to Connect to your wifi when its hidden. Its very simple, go to your settings either in your phone or tablets or which every device you wanted to connect to your wifi.

After going in settings menu click on Wi-Fi and there will an option in the last ” Add Wi-Fi network ” or ” Other “. Just click on it and you will be prompted a dialouge box where you need to enter your USSID name and Security type. Select your router’s security type and then enter your Wi-Fi password. By this your device will be connected to your Wi-Fi.

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